North Italia July 3 Update

We’re pushing hard to reach electrical final by the end of next week at North Italia, and so much has happened since we last checked in.

Our team has been working tirelessly and it’s showing! We’ve accomplished so much – even just this week in anticipation of what’s to come. Above you can see our work in both the kitchen and behind the bar. We still have finishing touches, but we’re proud of the work that we’ve accomplished so far.

Nashville Auto Repair – German Motorworks June 28 Update

German Motorworks is getting ready to come to a close. We’ve come a long way since our last spotlight on this project, and we’re proud of the progress our team has portrayed!

This week at German Motorworks our team has initiated final clean up, as well as programmed the wireless lighting controls we specified and installed for this project.

We’ve provided power to these 208 volt vehicle lifts via SO-cord drops as well as internal wiring inside the lift member to keep the look clean.

We’ve spent a lot of time ensuring that the above ceiling space is tidied up and code compliant.

Fellowship Mt. Juliet June 21 Update

Finishing up the week at Fellowship Mt. Juliet! This week we are finished roughing in the walls and installing various light fixtures.

We’ve had our hands full this week piping in for new panels as well – things are starting move along and shape up! Looking forward to more progress for this project.

North Italia June 19 Update

This week at North Italia we continue to finalize kitchen controls and tie ins for lighting controls. We’re also finishing the trim out of kitchen equipment.

Later this week we will add lights in the kitchen area, as well as turn on the main power. Check back in a couple weeks to see how much changes!

Nashville Auto Repair – German Motorworks June 14 Update

Our Friday spotlight project is Nashville Auto Repair – German Motorworks which was awarded to MTLC. German Motorworks is a European specialty shop located right around the corner from our office.

Our scope of work on German Motorworks is renovation in their Wedgewood-Houston warehouse and consists of demo of existing light fixtures, receptacles and data devices both in the warehouse as well as the existing office area.

We look forward to sharing more on this project as things start moving along! Check back in a couple weeks when we circle back around and check out the progress!

Fellowship at Mt. Juliet Campus June 7 Update

The Fellowship at Mt. Juliet campus is a project we were selected for by WellSpring Builders. The Fellowship Mt. Juliet is one of two Fellowship religious community locations, and has recently moved into their large warehouse space at 490 Industrial Drive.

Our scope of work for The Fellowship at Mt. Juliet is pretty standard. We will begin with the installation of new panels from the existing service. Our team will install new fixtures throughout the space as well as installing and adding to the existing fire alarm system.

We look forward to following this project as it continues, and will take you along with us!

North Italia June 5th Update

North Italia is an upscale Italian eatery with locations in select US markets. The team behind North Italia styles it as a restaurant that “redefines the standards for handcrafted Italian”.

Shawmut Design and Construction is the awarded General Contractor bringing North Italia to the Green Hills neighborhood in Nashville. The 7,764 square foot space will include indoor and outdoor seating, allowing the crowds to experience all they have to offer their diners. North Italia is our first project working with Shawmut.

With nearly all of our rough-in complete, we are currently working on kitchen equipment wiring and controls. By mid-June we will be energizing the lighting and programming the versatile control system.

Drybar – at HCA Capitol View

Drybar’s first Tennessee location is our latest tenant build out project to come to completion.  Located in HCA Hospital’s headquarters along with several retail establishments off the central lobby, the location is convenient to downtown Nashville.  This upscale, national blow-out salon has 2,000 square feet of space encompassing a central blow out bar, VIP stations, and washroom as well as employee breakroom and product showcase shelving.  AE Electric Service is proud to have been able to supply the full scope of work from design consultation with the engineering team, to the selection of electrical switchgear components (main distribution panel, transformer) through to final finish-out.

1044 Dr. M.L.K. Jr. Blvd, Suite 260
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 349-2234

Nashville’s first location is here! At Drybar, our philosophy is simple. Focus on one thing and be the best at it. For us, that’s blowouts. We’re conveniently located at Capitol View in the North Gulch area of Nashville, TN. This location has free parking. Book a blowout near you soon!