AE Electric Service Provides Electrical Diagnostics, Infrared Scanning Services, Repair, Renovation & New Construction With Rapid Turnaround & Superior Quality

New Construction:
You'll receive the most economical design & optimum electrical performance when AE Electric Service participates from concept to completion.

Industrial Electrical Contractors:
Services ranging from site lighting & emergency power to infrared testing/imaging for larger-scale facilities, warehouses & industrial plants.

Give us a call & let us be your Electrical Service Company 615.255.5593

Commercial Electrical Contractors:
AE Electric works mindfully with business owners & general contractors to establish project scope & cost with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

Preventative Maintenance:
Electrical Preventive Maintenance can prevent 2/3 of the failures of electrical system components & can prevent over 1/2 of electrical fires.

Emergency Response:
Our experienced staff of journeyman electricians offers 24-hour immediate response through our Emergency Dispatch System.